Description: Hamilton Town Hall is a heritage-listed brick building, located adjacent to the Hamilton Library on the corner of Rossiter Parade and Racecourse Road, Hamilton.

This venue is accessible by public transport, bus stop ‘Racecourse Road at Hamilton Central stop 20’ is located a short distance from the hall. This venue consists of two interconnected buildings, the hall and a smaller meeting room that are offset around a paved courtyard. The facility has an accessible parking space incorporated within the courtyard, accessed from Rossiter Parade. On street parking is also available. At this venue all doors both internal and external are manual doors, with all main entry doors being a minimum of 0.9 metres wide. All internal areas have marmoleum flooring, except for the stage which has timber flooring, and the hall entry and public toilets which have painted concrete flooring. Handrails and tactile ground surface indicators are provided on all entry stairs and accessible ramps at this venue. The hall and meeting room are air-conditioned and feature large windows with curtains. All toilets at this venue feature braille signage adjacent to the entries.

There are two entries to the hall, with the front entry located off Rossiter Parade. The courtyard entry is located on the left side of the hall which allows direct access into the hall from the accessible parking space. Access is through a set of green wooden double doors and a swipe card or pin is required for access using the black card reader to the left of this door.

A set of stairs lead from the footpath to the front entry of the hall. At the top of these stairs, to the left are male public toilets and to the right are female public toilets. Directly ahead are a set of green wooden double doors which provide access to a small entry foyer. A swipe card or pin is required for access using the black card reader to the right of this door. The entry foyer provides access to the audio-visual storage room through a brown wooden door on the right. Directly ahead through a set of brown double swing doors is the hall.

The hall can accommodate up to 126 people. The hall features a dance barre along the left wall and a stage along the far wall, with rollout stairs stored beneath providing access to the front centre of the stage. The stage features a piano and advanced audio-visual system which includes a projector, speakers, and stage lighting.

Immediately to the left of the hall entry is the chair storage area, and immediately to the right is the table storage area. The tables fold down and have wheels to make them easier to move and store. Audio-visual controls are located to the right of the chair storage area. The hall has an induction hearing loop system.

Entry to the smaller meeting room is from the courtyard, using steps or the accessible ramp that leads from the accessible parking space. Entry is through a green wooden door and a swipe card or pin is required for access using the black card reader to the right of this door.

The meeting room can accommodate up to 33 people. The meeting room features a full-length mirrored wall located along the right, and a dance barre runs along the left wall. A kitchenette is located along the back wall, and includes a fridge with freezer, double sink, cooktop and oven which is used for reheating food only, benchtop microwave, and a boiling and chilled water tap. The sink is wheelchair accessible. To the right of the kitchenette through a brown wooden door is an accessible toilet with right-hand transfer.

To the right of the front meeting room entry door is a set of brown wooden double doors that lead to a dressing room. The dressing room features full length mirrors on the back wall, and a dressing table with vanity mirrors and lights along the right wall. Directly across from the entry to the dressing room is a set of stairs which provide access to the right wing of the hall stage. This concludes the tour of the Hamilton Town Hall.