Description: The Upper Kedron Hall is a heritage-listed, timber hall located at 78 Cedar Creek Road, Upper Kedron.

This hall has on-site parking available, including one accessible parking space. The nearest public transport is approximately 800 metres from the venue. The hall runs parallel to the road with the car park located at the left of the building.

At this venue, all doors both internal and external are manual doors and are a minimum of 0.8 metres wide. Inside, the main hall space, stage and entry foyer have polished timber flooring and the kitchen, backstage area and toilets have vinyl flooring. Handrails and tactile ground surface indicators are provided on all entry stairs and accessible ramps at the venue. The hall is air-conditioned throughout and the main hall space also has ceiling fans.

At the front of the building is an accessible ramp providing access from the car park to the main hall entry, which is located halfway down the length of the hall. Entry is through white double-swing doors, a swipe card is required for access using the black card reader to the right of these doors. The doors lead into an open foyer adjoining the main hall space.

Directly across from the foyer is the main hall space, to the right is a white door with glass panel leading into the amenities corridor, and to the left is a kitchen with a servery window opening to the foyer. The hall has a stage along the left wall and an accessible stage lift is located to the right of the stage. The hall features a piano and audio-visual system, including a projector, speakers, and induction hearing-loop system. Audio-visual controls are located in a multipurpose room behind the stage. There are eight windows running along the side walls operated with a latch system. The main hall can accommodate up to 121 people.

The amenities corridor, accessed from the foyer, provides access to the toilets. The first white door on the right opens to the male ambulant toilet. The next white door opens to the female ambulant toilet and directly ahead is a unisex accessible toilet with left hand transfer and baby change table. All toilets have assistance rails and feature braille signage adjacent to each door.

The kitchen is accessed through a white door with glass panel to the left of the stage. This kitchen includes a fridge with freezer, benchtop microwave, double sink, a boiling and chilled water tap, and a cooktop and oven for reheating food only. The sink is not wheelchair accessible. The kitchen features two servery windows, one with slatted shutters opening into the foyer and one with a roller shutter opening into the multipurpose room.

Directly across from the kitchen entry door is a white door with glass panel which opens to the multipurpose room behind the stage. Along the far wall of this room is the chair and table storage area. The tables fold down and have wheels to make them easier to move and store. In the front right corner of the multipurpose room is a rear stage entrance, accessed via stairs with an assistance rail.

In the far left corner of the multipurpose room there is an alternate exit. To the left of this exit door there is a white door opening to a unisex accessible toilet with right hand transfer. Braille signage is located to the right of this door.

This concludes the tour of Upper Kedron Hall.